Rothermel leads a team of classically trained sculptors and artists in the completion of his work in the US.  He currently is working on both public & private work in throughout the US.  


He brings over 20 years of experience a Sculptor and Academic to our stateside team. Rothermel & his wife Laura Green Rothermel now split time between Atlanta & New England where the couple together focus on their creative endeavours. 


About Chris 

Excerpt from “Imitation” and “Modeling” Behavior and Experience: Exploratory
Case Studies of Artisans’ Collective Memory


 KAO, Chien Hui

 'American sculptor Chris Rothermel, who has lived in Hong Kong since 2005, started out from a material culture perspective in documenting his visits to different industrially primitive factory settings and art production workshops throughout the world, learning about traditional crafts and the technical skills of carving and casting. In his video Trace and Transfer, for instance, he experiences the transformation and mutation of the ancient pedagogy of imitation, from the taking of sophisticated measurements and enlargement techniques to a combination of body, mind, and spirit. His spring 2010 exhibition “Collective Witness: The Mapping of a Visual Language” presents the production processes of some of his factory output such as stone carvings and iron castings; as an artist, he applies different craft techniques to produce individual works.' 

Classically trained American Sculptore Christopher Rothermel received his MFA from the University of Oregon and his BFA from the University of Georgia,  both focused in Sculpture. Completing a full apprenticeship from the Johnson Atelier Technical Institute of Sculpture in the areas of metal casting and stone carving was followed by a six year stint as a Assistant Professor and founding member of the Academy of Visual Arts at Hong Kong Baptist University, in Hong Kong, China.  Amongst limited term positions at Indiana University, Georgia State University & University of North Georgia Rothermel currently teaches as Professor of Sculpture at Savannah College of Art & Design.  

Rothermel's work demands participation with strong lines contrasted with rare materials.  His works are & have been exhibited in shows throughout the United States & Internationally. His private work gallery representation includes New York City, New Jersey, Maine, Oregon and Georgia. His work is privately collected throughout the United States and Asia.  He is currently completing several commissioned works for patrons in the public and private sector being rendered in Bronze and Statuario.  

CercaTrova®,  a handpressed stone product that began as as common language between sculpture & design was developed in 2014 by Chris & his wife designer Laura Green Rothermel and is being introduced to the market now project by project.  It's hardness lies somewhere between marble and granite, it's exquisite look makes it the 'Faberge' of the design world.  For more information visit:  

Sculpture by immersion and as experience has led to a product line of accessories that services the Boutique Hotel Industries To The Trade.  Available soon in the US...2020.